Taking the blogging plunge… and Dannii’s earrings

I live in Manchester and since moving to the city centre last year, I am loving city life – something that will no doubt have an influence on this blog and the posts that I write. I am interested in reading about a lot of things – fashion, travel, markets, art, design, shopping…. so it is likely I’ll write about a number of random things too. Hopefully, if you are anything like me, you will find the randomness interesting.

One thing that I DON’T plan to write about is X-factor (or any other reality TV shows) as I think enough people are discussing these online anyway. However, I don’t mind mentioning the fashion exhibited on these shows, especially by the exemplary and always stunning Dannii Minogue. So, in that spirit I’d like to mention the gorgeous earrings Dannii wore on X Factor on 22nd October. I know this was some weeks ago, but I adored them on the night and have attempted to track them down ever since. It is quite easy to discover that the dress she was wearing was by Victoria Beckham, but I can’t seem to find out anything about the earrings. (By the way, if anyone knows anything, please do reveal!).

On my hunt I have come across a fairly similar pair of earrings from Lola Rose. They aren’t cheap at £60, but are lovely, and can be bought online from http://www.lolarose.co.uk/ or from ASOS.

Lola Rose Dolly Semi Precious Stone Agate Coil Drop Earrings:



Ok I finally found them and they are by Annoushka Ducas. Unfortunately a little out of my price range, but gorgeous all the same!


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