Champagne, cupcakes and charming company

On Monday evening I attended the 1st birthday party of WICI (Women in Creative Industries), which was hosted in Epernay champagne bar in Manchester. Founded in July 2010 by singer Gemma Latham, WICI is a unique opportunity to meet and socialise with like-minded ladies, whose professions include singing, music, art, fashion design, styling, writing, make-up, performance and photography.

The event welcomed both newcomers (like myself) and women who have been networking (informally) through WICI over the past year, and featured champagne, cupcakes from Spinningfields’ Hey Little Cupcake! and a live performance by singer-songwriter Kristyna Myles. Epernay was a lovely venue for the event, with twinkling fairy lights against the Manchester backdrop, and is also usually the venue for WICI’s monthly events.

Founder Gemma welcomed everyone by saying that her original aim for the organisation was to find new girlfriends with similar interests – and the relaxed, friendly vibe in the room suggests that she has successfully achieved this. I have to say, I had a really lovely evening in the company of a lot of interesting women, I really enjoyed the cupcakes and champagne, and I definitely have plans to attend further gatherings.

A quote from WICI’s news page (below) details their future plans, and it is sounding even more up my street, so hopefully more and more of Manchester’s creative women will get on board with this and I’ll meet some of them there!

“WICI’s future plans include a website which will feature individual profile pages for members giving them a forum to promote their talents and businesses. WICI will also be introducing seminars and workshops offering business, creative and holistic advice, talks from inspirational speakers about life in their chosen field and, of course, will be continuing what is at the heart of the WICI community – its popular social events.”


7 thoughts on “Champagne, cupcakes and charming company

  1. Mmmm, those cupcakes look lovely!

    I nearly went to the Wici party too but my plus one was ill. Was everyone socialising or sticking to their small groups? I haven’t been to any of the meetings yet so I’d like to know what to expect in advance. 🙂

    Mmmm, such a shame I missed those cupcakes!

  2. Couldn’t agree more…WICI is fantastic support network and as far away from scary, pressured networking groups as you can get. I LOVE meeting up with this group of people and Gemma is the perfect hostess.


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