Tim Walker photography for Jo Malone’s Wild Bluebell

Jo Malone has launched her new scent, Wild Bluebell, which will be available from 1st September. I had already fallen in love with the perfume itself when I had a chance to test it the other week, and I have since seen the advertising campaign which has reaffirmed both my love of the perfume (Christmas present idea!) and of Tim Walker, my absolute favourite fashion photographer.

The primary image for the campaign is (in my opinion) vintage Tim Walker, capturing the essence of the Englishness of the scent in his own whimsical style. It features eccentric-looking model Iekeliene Stange as a pale English rose (striking a chord with me!) with white rabbits on a bed of bluebells in the setting of a Georgian Townhouse. Had I not already tried the perfume, I certainly would be seeking it out, as the Alice in Wonderland imagery and combination of quirky fantasy and quintessential Englishness is right up my street.

For me the best fashion photography is unique, intricate and creates sense of “otherworldliness”, and Tim Walker’s images rarely disappoint. Below are his photos from the S/S11 and A/W11  Mulberry campaigns as further examples.

3 thoughts on “Tim Walker photography for Jo Malone’s Wild Bluebell

  1. I wasn’t aware of Tim Walker’s work but you’re right, these images are stunning. His photographs are so quirky. Have you ever been to an exhibition? Does his work tour the UK at all?

    1. I’ve never been to an exhibition – I’ve never seen one come up North. According to Wikipeadia some of his work is in V&A and there was an exhibition at the Design Museum a couple of years ago. I would definately go to one! I loved his Dress Tree Lamp and the photos he has done with Lily Cole!

  2. I’m looking at his website right now. I think I have a new favourite photographer! I’d love to cover a wall with framed prints. I would definately go to an exhibition too. If I visit London I’ll have to put the V&A on my list. I haven’t been there in years.

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