Fashion film – opening up a whole new world of creativity!

I interviewed designer Henry Holland at the recent launch of the new menswear destination at Selfridges Manchester Trafford Centre, and one of the things we discussed was his involvement in InStyle magazine’s project Film InStyle.

Henry Holland is one of seven top designers to take part in Film InStyle (the others are Roberto Cavalli, Mulberry’s Emma Hill, Christian Louboutin, Diane von Furstenberg, Paul Smith and Zac Posen), and they were all asked to make a short film on the subject of style. The films will launch online 23 November and will be available to subscribers who will each receive their issue with one of the designers’ specially designed covers. Apparently readers will be able to bring their cover to life using the Aurasma Lite free App and pointing their device (ie iPhone, iPad or Android) at the cover.

In our interview, Henry said of fashion films:

“I think they are amazing. It has become very important to create your own content, and film does just that. It is like a moving fashion shoot, and it expands the characterisation of the clothes. It is kind of like catwalk where you create a character for the clothes, deciding what kind of makeup and hair she would wear with them and how she would walk. Fashion films take this to the next level and create different situations.”

Read full interview here.

I have to agree with him. I love fashion photography and how creative it can be, and fashion film opens up all sorts of exciting possibilities.

In advance of the release of Versace for H&M on 17th November I had browsed online in preparation and checked out this film that had been created for the collection (links to the film on

The idea is that the models are like dolls, mannequins and puppets in Donatella Versace’s dolls house and she is sat watching them and playing with them (like their puppet master), saying at the end “My house. My rules. My pleasure”. It’s very quirky and creative, and has so many more opportunities to show off the garments than a still image. I would say it was the film that sold me the gold ring and choker necklaces!

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