English Rose Christmas Countdown: 20th Dec

Theatre tickets always make a great gift, particularly in my family and circle of friends, and I am already looking ahead to the coming year to see what shows I particularly fancy. Theatre can be quite an expensive pastime, so it has become necessary for me to cherry pick the shows which most appeal to me, and this is usually based on reviews I’ve received from trusted friends.

Here is my initial priority list for 2012:

Hair, April 2012, Palace Theatre, Manchester

The 60s rock musical is on tour next year with Gareth Gates playing the lead. When this show was on in the West End in 2010 I only heard amazing things about it, so I reckon it is worth a look.

The Mousetrap, October 2012, The Opera House, Manchester

The Agatha Christie murder mystery is the world’s longest running show – what could be more enticing than that?! It is celebrating its Diamond anniversary (it has been running for an amazing 60 years!) with a UK tour, so I plan to use the opportunity to see what the fuss is all about.

Matilda The Musical, The Cambridge Theatre, London, Now booking up to October 2012

I have a friend who has seen pretty much every show that is (and has been) on in the West End and most of those on tour. When he tells me that something is the best show he has ever seen, then I am definitely going to try and see it! For anyone needing further persuasion, it has been co-written by Tim Minchin and has just been nominated for 9 awards at the Whatsonstage Awards!

Ghost the Musical, Piccadilly Theatre, London

Sadly I missed out when it was in Manchester, and have only heard glowing reports about this show. Apparently the staging and effects are amazing! If I get chance to go down to London, this will be on my to-do list.

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