English Rose Christmas Countdown: 22nd Dec

Is there any stationary item more luxurious than the journal? It is such an indulgent treat to write down your thoughts in something as lovely and personal as a journal rather than on boring and useful bits of paper or in a plain old notebook. I’ve received journals as gifts before, and generally they cause me a bit of a dilemma, because how do I decide what to waste those lovely pages on??

As always at this time of year I’m browsing pocket diaries for the coming year, and instead of looking at these absolutely essential handbag items, I keep getting distracted by beautiful journals, which for me are definitely a luxury item.

These Christian Lacroix journals sold at the Victoria and Albert Museum caught my eye:

Christian Lacroix ‘Astrologie’ Journal (B5) £25


Christian Lacroix ‘Les Anges Baroques’ Notebook (A5) £15

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