Manchester Spring Fashion Show and a jewellery label “find”

On Wednesday evening I attended the Manchester Spring Fashion Show at Pitcher & Piano on Deansgate Locks. This event has been set up to showcase emerging designers and labels, as well as models, makeup artists and hair stylists. It featured a fashion show showcasing ten designers as well as a “fashion market”, where four or five labels were selling items on the night (very dangerous for my finances, but I actually resisted).

I wore my new pyjama-style jacket from Primark (£15) over my indigo jeans and granddad top. I love this trend – it’s just so comfy!

I really support the idea of creating a platform for new emerging designers, and am interested in finding out about (and supporting) new labels and independent retailers, so I found the event quite interesting. The venue was very cute for a fashion show (the runway was through the red-brick archways that are a feature of all the bars on the Locks), and I especially enjoyed meeting some other Manchester fashion bloggers.

My favourite “find” of the night was independent jewellery boutique Mother Said (I never should) who had a stall selling their very cute jewellery. They say about themselves, “Each item is lovingly made from the recycled pieces from the history books, simply add a touch of whimsy, a dash of the mechanical, a spoonful of good humour and seal it with a stamp.” I’ve checked out their website and am loving all of their cute pieces, particularly the “Message in a Bottle” necklaces.

I also think the kitsch fashion of Pretty Disturbia is worth a mention. They are inspired by things that are pretty but also disturbing (as the name would suggest) as well as burlesque, and some of their items are very cute.

Pretty Disturbia on the runway

Pretty Disturbia‘s stall

Dress by Huxton

Dress by Lauren Wroe

One thought on “Manchester Spring Fashion Show and a jewellery label “find”

  1. Oh wow, ‘Mother Said’ is so cute! Their jewellery would make such unusual and pretty gifts.

    I also love the jacket on Pretty Disturbia‘s stall – I couldn’t pull it off my sister would look fab in it.

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