Collecting things with Pinterest

Have you noticed that everyone is talking about Pinterest? It’s the new social media site on the block, and it’s all about visuals. In a nutshell you “pin” images that you like (either by uploading your own photos or by linking to images that you find online) to “boards” that are basically collections of related images.

Well I decided to set up a profile on Pinterest to see how much fun this can be. Turns out, very! As someone who constantly scours the net and finds all sorts of treasures and bits of things that interest me, this is a great way of collecting and sorting them. And I just love collecting and sorting things! On top of that, the fact that it is all visual means that you end up with collections of gorgeous images!

I’ve created several different boards, some of which are just filled with pretty pictures (such as Vintage Fairyland”), and others which I’m already using to store bits of inspiration for events or items that I want to buy (such as “Tea Party” or “Accessories”). I’m also using a board called “Favourite Blog Posts” to link back to this site and…well the name kind of gives it away. The social aspect comes from the fact that you can see other people’s pins and “re-pin” them to your own boards if you like them.

Pinterest is already creating a lot of buzz because of the opportunities it creates for businesses, and the fact that they can link back to their websites and drive traffic there. There are all sorts of blogs talking about how brands can harness the power of Pinterest and the “dos and don’ts” (such as making sure your brand is being social and not just using the site as a visual sales pitch), and although I’m not an expert on the site by any means, I can certainly see its potential as a marketing tool!

At the moment I’m just loving collecting cute and inspirational images. This week includes a Valentine’s themed board!

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