My MANGO wish list

It’s two days until payday and rather than utilise my overdraft/credit card (I’ve really got to stop doing that for buying clothes) I have been “window shopping” online. In my enthusiasm and with the excitement of coming across finds that are still in the sales and also of the new season’s stock arriving I have been furiously browsing many different online stores. I started to put together a mini wish list, as I was finding an item here and an item there, and I wanted to remember them all. However, it has actually got a bit out of control, in that my “mini wish list” now has too many items on it for me to afford!

Saving the day was MANGO, whose online SS12 catalogue was so lovely that I actually paused to look at every image and piece. So far MANGO has one of my favourite SS12 collections and they’ve styled some very cute looks for the catalogue, which I have cherry picked to use for inspiration. I’m liking turned-up pattern trousers, ankle boots, slouchy tees, dressed down pastel maxi skirts, mini shorts, gold cuffs and metal belts.

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