My NYFW favourites so far

In a Manchester office on these cold, drab February mornings I am enjoying browsing the catwalks of New York Fashion Week. I have a love of theatre, so the fashion show has an extra level of excitement for me, and amongst the many shows I have looked at, a few have stood out….

Last night’s very theatrical Marc Jacobs show caught my eye (and judging by the tweets I was seeing, it went down a storm!). Taking inspiration from the “tea party” zeitgeist, the show has been created as a kind of mad hatter’s tea party. In a fantastical storybook setting, there were looks ranging from the pretty and surreal to the Tim Burton-esque slightly deranged. From the pantomime buckled shoes to the chunky knit shrugs fastened with oversized safety pins and a cacophony of oversized floppy fur hats, it was like Alice in fashion wonderland. As for the fashion itself, I’m seeing a lot of layers, textures, deep rich jewel colours and furs.


Tommy Hilfiger also went with a quintessentially English theme (which I love of course), but this was more of a heritage equestrian influence. Autumn colours are my favourite, and there was plenty of camel, mustard, deep red, and forest green, and equestrian coats and riding boots!



I also liked the mixture of textures and prints shown at Preen, where the looks all seemed very wearable!


Photos from Vogue UK

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