I love it when a plan comes together….

In yesterday’s post I made my wish list for the week, and today I can tick two items off it. My very cute ring arrived from Chelsea Doll, and whilst in town helping my boyfriend shop for jeans (an arduous task) I bought a Models Own nail polish in Lemon Meringue. I decided against buying the full pastel collection this month for financial reasons and as a bonus was able to spend my Boots points on this, so it was basically free! To make up for the fact that I’ve been ill this week and am still feeling the effects now, I have spent this evening having a relaxing bath and giving my hands a makeover. I’ve photographed the results with my very pretty diary (mentioned here).

Something else with fruitful results this week was my parents’ clear-out. Having over a hundred books that will never be read again, my dad has donated them to the charity campaign I am helping with (CATS Youth Theatre raising money to saveย our community theatre) so that we can arrange a fundraising book sale. I drew the line at selling the complete works of Shakespeare though and rescued it! I also rescued this very pretty plate, which my mum was convinced I wouldn’t want because it is engraved with their names and wedding date, but that just makes it more special in my eyes.



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