The glory of Rome… after dark

The best campaigns are the ones which transport you somewhere, and for Spring/Summer that place should be somewhere that evokes feelings of summer holidays. A lot of brands have tried to create that “summer holiday” vibe with their sun-drenched locations or quirky seasonal props (see my post on the Mulberry campaign for a great example), so when I got that holiday feeling from the black and white photography used in the Fendi campaign it was clear it was something a little bit special. Well, it was always going to be with Vogue cover model Arizona Muse featured and with Karl Lagerfeld behind the camera.

It is the location that steals the show for me though. Although not featuring any noteworthy sites recognisable as Rome (i.e. the “touristy spots”), the campaign really does capture the beauty of Rome after dark, with its cobbled streets and outdoor dining. I never truly feel as though I’m on holiday until I’m leisurely drinking a glass of wine at a table outside a bar, and that’s why places like Rome really come to life once the sun goes down. The campaign captures this, and have reminded me of my desire to take a mini break to Italy soon, with a combination of the chic and fashionable and the character and charm of traditional Italy. The images are like a modern, stylish take on Cinema Italiano.

You can also watch a video of the making of the Fendi campaign.

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