Tuesday treats

A few lovelies for this misty Tuesday morning…

1. Treats from Harvey Nichols

2. My collection of kitsch jewellery items, including my new fairytale ring from Chelsea Doll, Russian Doll on a string of pearls (ASOS – old), neon bangle (ASOS), rainbow earrings (ASOS – old), “Fairest of them all” necklace (Disney Couture), clockwork necklace (gift) where I have added my “Jacques Townhouse” key to the chain, and my Dorothy ruby slipper necklace (gift).

3. I’m a sucker for cute packaging. If the box if cute, it’s fair to say that I’ll be sorely tempted to buy whatever’s in it. I now have quite a few pairs of shoes from Irregular Choice and each one comes in a gorgeous box. This pretty candy-striped one is one of my favourites.


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