Spring holiday bags

I’ve just booked two holidays for Spring, and although this means that I’m strapped for cash at the moment (to say the least),  it also means I’m browsing for those holiday “essentials”. Although I’ll be window shopping until pay day (cannot come soon enough!) I have now found the perfect destination for bags. Alongside the all-important, perfect-for-travel, holds-everything bag, I always take a smaller, more stylish daytime bag, which holds the most important day trip items (purse, sunglasses, maps, keys, tickets, holiday beauty essentials etc) but is not big or bulky enough to annoy me when out and about. I do get very stressed if I’m overloaded with stuff!

My bag destination of choice is Chelsea Doll, who do a great range of bags that fit the bill at very reasonable prices, and I include a selection of my favourites below. As well as being the perfect size and all very cute, the gorgeous bright colours really say “holiday”.

1. The Perdita Satchel (£24.00)

2. The Pamela Mini Satchel (£25.00)

3. The Wendi Shoulder Bag (£25.00)

4. The Anastasia Blue Tote Bag (£18.00)

5. The Eliza Orange Shoulder Bag (£14.00)

Please do leave comments (I love it when you do!)

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