The pie’s the limit (groan)

Have you heard? This week is British Pie Week!  It’s a strange coincidence as I just gave my friend a very cute, vintage-inspired pie dish complete with accessories for her birthday. I’m actually a bit gutted I gave it away now though, as I feel that I should mark the occasion of British Pie Week by baking a pie!

But what pie would I bake? I love a good pie, but bearing in mind that all that pastry is incredibly fattening I tend to prefer a dessert pie to a savoury one, as at least it feels like a treat. There are hundreds of recipes out there, but all of my favourite baking recipes currently come from my Hummingbird Bakery books (Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook and Cake Days), whose recipes are inspired by American cakes, pies and desserts. Now I’m not sure how I feel about using American influences to celebrate British Pie Week (somehow it seems more appropriate to revert to medieval English traditions and bake a peacock pie or something), but I can’t deny that all of the recipes I’ve tried from these books so far have been outstanding, so I can’t go far wrong.

Cake Days contains several delicious looking “pie” recipes, including traditional Apple Pie as well as American treats such as Pecan Pie and the more tenuous Whoopie Pies (I think these only count as pies because the word is in the title. They are actually two mounds of cake with a filling, but they do look cute!).

Is anyone else celebrating British Pie Week by baking a pie?

Images of Cake Days by Hummingbird Bakery


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