Dreaming in jewels

Cartier have released their short film ‘L’Odyssée de Cartier’ to celebrate and showcase the history of the brand. It is the most glorious visual feast, and has the feel of a mysterious, adventurous dream full of exotic locations, swirling mist and of course, wonderful glittering jewels.

Cartier have created a real sense of wonder in this film, which feels truly epic. From the opening in Cartier’s Parisian boutique window, we see a glinting, jewelled panther come to life and begin an odyssey through the snow-covered fairytale city of St Petersburg complete with horse-drawn sleigh, to the rocky mountains and Great Wall of China, to the palaces of India filled with ornate lanterns and a stunning scene of bejewelled trees, animals and birds, and finally back to Paris, transported aboard an early 1900’s aircraft.

The film looks and feels expensive, and is everything you would expect from this luxury jewellery brand. The locations and filming are stunning, the soundtrack is epic and the panther, whose journey we follow through the film, is beautiful and majestic!

On the one hand the film encapsulates the history of the brand. The creators say that each of the featured places has “a real point of reference in the history of the brand”, and you can read the background to each of the film’s chapters on the website:

“The First Breath” – The beginnings of Cartier in Paris

“Land of the Tsars” – Cartier’s growing success with the Russian aristocracy

“Love and Trinity” – About the iconic LOVE bracelet and TRINITY ring

“The Celestial Dragon Joins the Menagerie” – The influence of Asian myths and legends on Cartier designs

“Indian Dream” – Cartier’s commissions from Indian maharajas and use of Indian influences in their designs

“Conquering the skies” – Cartier’s collaboration with aviator Santos-Dumont to create wristwatches

“Panther” – The panther as a signature of Cartier design and the jewellery designer known as ‘La Panthère’

On the other hand it can simply be enjoyed as pure, glorious escapism.

See the full film at http://www.odyssee.cartier.co.uk/

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