What’s your story?

Oxfam are trialling an innovative new scheme here in Manchester. Oxfam Shelflife is a new app which allows shoppers to get an insight into the back-story of some of the items sold in Oxfam shops. Utilising the power of QR codes and mobile marketing, Shelflife is basically a way of getting the buyers and sellers of second-hand items to interact.

It works by sellers attaching QR code stickers obtained from participating Oxfam shops to their item, scanning the sticker and telling the story behind the item before dropping the item off at the shop. Buyers can then use the same Shelflife app to scan the codes whilst shopping in Oxfam to find out more about the items.

I just love this idea- itโ€™s such an innovative way of adding an extra dimension to shopping. The idea of having this extra insight into an itemโ€™s history, the sellerโ€™s experiences and styling tips definitely appeals to me.

Shelflife is being trialled in the following Manchester shops: Alderley Edge, Altrincham, Cheadle, Chorlton, Didsbury, Oxfam Emporium, Oxfam Originals, Sale, Withington, Whitworth Park.


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