Bargain beauty buys

I’m ever so excited with my new find – an online store selling my favourite luxury beauty brands for reduced prices! I love luxury beauty brands, but often feel put off by the prices or feel that I have to wait for an excuse to treat myself. CheapSmells sells every makeup, haircare, skincare and fragrance brand imaginable – Dior, Clarins, Nars, MAC, Tigi, Wella (to name a few) – at more affordable, discounted prices. And at the moment they are even running a “March Madness campaign”, where loads of products are on sale for five prices – £1.99, £2.99, £5.99, £7.99, £9.99 (while stocks last).

Although I’m not sold on their name – “cheap” doesn’t particularly sell luxury to me – this store is definitely worth a look, either for yourself or for gifts. The cost of shipping is even built into the product price, so the price you see is literally what you pay.

Of course, it’s all very well saying generically that there is “up to 80% off RRP”, but how does this work in practice? Below are some of the products I a) use and love; b) love but have never bought because of the price; and c) would give as a gift; so these are actual savings I could make.

Ole Henriksen Express the Truth Cream (50ml), £44.65 (RRP £57.00, saving 22%)

I’ve mentioned this product before, because I have sampled it and loved it! Although still quite expensive, I would be happy with a saving of 22% if I was going to treat myself to it.

Jimmy Choo 60ml perfume, £31.95 (RRP £39.00, saving 18%)

Elizabeth Arden Bronzing Beauty Kit for Face and Eyes, £9.99 (RRP £22.00, saving 55%)

Very cute and portable makeup set. I have this and love it! I would also recommend it as a cute gift item.

MAC Pigment Colour Powder, £11.63 (RRP £15.50, saving 25%)

I’m a bit obsessed with MAC pigments (highly concentrated loose colour powder in a range of colours). A discount of 25% is very appealing!

BeneFit Gilded Highlighting Pencil (Tangerine Gold), £5.99 (RRP £14.00, saving 57%)

I love this gorgeous pencil for adding highlights to my eyes and lips and use it all the time. I paid a bit more for it than this though!!

Bvlgari Rose Essentielle 50ml Perfume, £36.25 (RRP £59.23, saving 39%)

TIGI Catwalk Runway Texture Gift Set, £11.95 (RRP £18.95, saving 37%)

This set includes: Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo 250ml and Session Series Styling Cream 150ml

BeneFit Dear John (Facial Cream 60ml), £9.99 (RRP £26.50, saving 62%)

A very popular face cream – worth a try at this price!

2 thoughts on “Bargain beauty buys

  1. Wow, I never even realised they had a cosmetics section as well. I have always been in a rush when on the site before so have just got the perfume I wanted and left. Thanks for the tip, I will definitely give them a closer look now!

    Elena x

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