Shopping (and styling) the Fashion Union sale

The summer sales are well underway, and whatever this means about the state of the economy and the high street, for me it is at least a great opportunity for a wardrobe update.

Online fashion store Fashion Union is one I’ve browsed before, but never actually made a purchase from. I don’t know about you, but trying a new online store can be a bit of a minefield as you can’t be sure of the quality or fit, and if they don’t offer free shipping and I can sometimes end up shopping somewhere I know better. However, the Fashion Union sale just looked too amazing! There were so many great items and fab discounts that I took the plunge, and I’m glad I did too as I’ve now received the items and they’re all as lovely up close as I’d been hoping for!

I wanted a stripey top as a classic wardrobe staple, and this one was reduced to £3. £3!!!! That’s less than my lunch usually costs, and kind of irresistible. It’s a nice quality and fit too! I’ve got a few outfits planned for it, including pairing it with boyfriend jeans and my bright apricot blazer, and this one where I’ve put it with a casual muted floral skirt and cute novelty bag. By the way, how adorable is this bag?!! I got it free in a Matalan goody bag, but it’s actually only £8 from the store. I also added my new pocket watch pendant which my friend got me for my birthday. Pretty!

Following my floral shirt dilemma I ended up choosing this one from Fashion Union, and the quality of it is lovely. It was £15, and will look great with jeans and maybe some nice chain neckwear.

My final purchase was this white Vila top. I was looking for a dressy t-shirt to pair with coloured jeans and pencil skirts, and at £20 it was more of an investment that the other two items, but the quality is great again and the silver sleeves make it a bit unusual.

Has anyone else had any good summer sale adventures?

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