Outdoor theatre, Italia and Peroni

I’m going to be heading over to MediaCity tomorrow evening to check out the interesting-sounding Opera di Peroni. It’s currently touring the UK and still has Liverpool and Glasgow to come, as well as Manchester tonight and tomorrow (18th & 19th July 2012 from 7pm at Media City).

It’s apparently inspired by authentic Italian operas, but re-imagined so that they’ll appeal to a contemporary audience and is a collaboration between Peroni Nastro Azzurrohas, recording artist Kwes and innovative opera producers GOOperato. Also, it’s an outdoor production, with the performances in Manchester being staged on the piazza at MediaCity. This will be a stunning setting for a theatrical performance, and I’m looking forward to seeing something this unique, although I really hope the weather stays like this (current weather situation is sunny and warm!!)

Here is what Opera di Peroni say:

“The spring/summer season of Opera di Peroni will encompass two productions of authentic Italian operas performed in a contemporary style set against an eclectic, modern soundtrack. Inspired by the Arena di Verona season and Italy’s al fresco opera scene, the performance sees key arias from Verdi’s La Traviata and Puccini’s La Boheme and La Rondine completely re-imagined and brought to life through an immersive and contemporary production.

It will be staged in a bespoke contemporary structure in an outdoor setting where the audience will become part of the performance as well as enjoying a taste of the Arena di Verona atmosphere.”

You can also win a pair of tickets through their interactive “behind-the-scenes” timeline – just click on the Italian items hidden within the trailer. Here’s an official clue to help you out (if you need it)

An Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy, that is said to be over 100 years old. The lemon flavour and sweet taste is designed to cleanse the pallet after a delicious meal. 


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