Benefit Cha Cha Tint: I’m converted!

I’ve always found Benefit makeup to be a bit hit and miss. High Beam is a massive hit – I love the youthful sheen that this gives when strategically used on the cheek and brow bones, and whenever I notice someone else’s radiant cheekbone glow, it always turns out to be High Beam. Badgal Mascara was a massive miss for me though – not very long lasting and always ends up as smudges under the eyes. However, there is now a new hit! Benefit Cha Cha tint.

(image from

When it comes to blushers, I’ve always preferred cream blush rather than powder, and have been using MAC Cremeblend Blush for some time. However, I’m now officially converted to Cha Cha tint for all my cheek colour needs.

I was initially sceptical, as it is described as a “tropical mango-tinted cheek stain” which will make you look “deliciously sun-kissed”. As the pale-skinned English Rose that I am, this isn’t what I look for in a cheek stain (I would have gone for Posie Tint actually), so would never normally have bought this without trying out the free sample pot from InStyle magazine. Glad that I did!

I found the colour really suited me as a blonde as it came out as a peachy colour, and I loved the natural dewy it gave to my cheeks, which lasts for the whole day. A natural glow is what I’m looking for, so this is literally the ideal product for me and I plan to buy the full-sized bottle as soon as my sample runs out. By the way, it is worth mentioning that a little goes a long way and it only needs a couple of dots of Cha Cha tint on the apples of your cheeks (blended with fingers), so one bottle should last me a really long time. It also looks good as a natural-coloured lip stain.

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