Christmas jumpers

This week I went out with a group of colleagues for a festive drink with a woollen twist – we all wore Christmas jumpers! These ranged from those with stylish fairisle prints to the more extreme, with giant snowmen and Christmas pudding motifs. This got me in the mood for buying a new Christmas jumper for Christmas Day, and on my travels I came across some inspiration at Boohoo. Check out their “The Knit Before Christmas” video….  knit2

Here are some of their Christmas-themed jumpers, perfect for creating Christmas cheer:

azz55631_black_xl azz55446_cobalt_xl azz55444_navy_xl azz53423_cream_xl

And this is the one I have bought, thinking that I’ll still be happy to wear this well into January.


Word of warning though – Christmas jumpers are extremely popular this year and seem to be selling out all over the place! Don’t get left behind in your boring plain knits!

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