When investment items break

It’s a sad day. The timeless everyday Michael Kors bag that I bought as an investment buy is no more. I’m returning it after just 6 months of using it because the stitching along the top seam has come undone and the leather came apart.

RIP Michael Kors tote

Michael Kors bag problem

Michael Kors bag fault

Thankfully the shop where I bought this handbag is happy to refund my money. I’m really grateful for that as I’d invested over £200 in this bag, with the justification that it was a classic item that I would be using for years and years. Unfortunately it doesn’t really count as a great investment when it breaks after just 6 months! I’m still not sure whether it was a faulty item or whether the design just wasn’t great – Michael Kors didn’t confirm whether it was a common problem or not. I’m a little bit sad about it though, as it was meant to be a bit of a treat from me to myself to celebrate my new job, so it’s a real shame that it didn’t work out. Has anyone had any similar problems with items they’d bought as investments?

Anyway I’ve now bought this similarly timeless bag from Oasis, which I think will do much better and which only cost me £40.

Oasis practical bag

Everyday handbag

And as a bit of a replacement treat I have bought myself some Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarers which I just love! Sunglasses tend to last me years (I’ve still got the Armani pair I bought when I graduated), and these are so light and comfortable, plus the fact they fold up really small is so handy.

Ray-ban folding wayfarer

Ray-ban wayfarer

Ray-ban tortoiseshell

Folding wayfarer sunglasses

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