Happy thoughts

When things aren’t going all that well (not horrible, but not great) I’ve found that a bit of positive thinking goes a long way. I’m suffering from a bit of writer’s block in the post-Christmas slump because it seems like there’s nothing going on. I’ve not got full-on January blues, but I have been feeling a little bit “meh” lately. So this weekend I pulled together these happy thoughts to perk me up a little.

geometric monochrome scarf (Can’t wait for the return of natural light in the evenings for better photos!)

New things at reduced prices – Although I always find the January sales a bit depressing overall it’s always nice to pick up a few things at reduced prices. Either a total bargain, like the geometric print scarf above from ASOS (£6 scarf down from £18), or something I’ve had my eye on like a new cozy coat. I got this parka for £70 down from £110 from Zara, which is still a bit of an investment, but it’s pretty versatile and I love it!

parka coat

Some early plans for my 30th year – So far I’ve booked my train tickets for a trip to see friends in London, my Christmas gifts included a champagne afternoon tea voucher and Harry Potter tour tickets so they’re ready and waiting to be used this year, and there are some serious talks underway of booking a trip Disneyland with my sister. That’s not even including holidays with Craig which are still to be decided upon. So really it’s all very exciting for the year ahead.

Frozen – I walked across Salford Quays in the winter sunshine on Saturday morning, which blew the cobwebs away a little, and I ended up at the Lowry cinema watching Frozen for the second time. This was a solo date, but a little alone time is refreshing, and this film is amazing! So magical, so beautiful, such gorgeous songs, such a lovely story of sisterly love. Ahhh


Deep cleaning – Although we didn’t have time to surface clean our apartment (which means it currently still looks a bit messy) I’m now feeling pretty satisfied because we did some deep cleaning in those places that always get ignored. We’ve cleared out, cleaned and rearranged all the kitchen cupboards, and attacked our shelves of DVDs and books – which was previously so chaotic that it made the room look messy all the time even when it was spotless. So now those big chores are done we can get on with some regular cleaning and feel much happier! I also did some shredding and found it very therapeutic.

Discovering Sherlock – I’d never watched Sherlock before this latest series, but I discovered it on New Year’s Day thanks to the fact that there was nothing good on TV at all! I’m very glad I did though. I have loved it! And after watching the final episode last night I will be series linking the older series to catch up. New awesome series in my life = very happy thought.


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