Here’s to the end of January

Apart from some celebrations at the very start of the month it’s been fairly uneventful and grey January, and I for one am not sorry it’s nearly over! I’m feeling positive about the year ahead though, and excited for all sorts of things to come.

Here’s to…

  • …getting paid! After 5 long weeks I’ve finally been able to treat myself to some new clothes, a slice of cake and some household items.
  • …writing off January as a dieting month – it didn’t work out too well to be honest. It’s all about starting February with a fresh attitude.

hairy dieters

  • …finishing off a big work project which involved bringing work home (not cool!)
  • …making exciting plans for the upcoming months and also to some exciting future ventures.
  • …realising there’s some important decisions to be made about the future.
  • …to starting a new skincare regime – hopefully the results will be positive and when I’m further along I’ll be posting about it.
  • …to getting my craft on.

paint russian dolls set

  • And finally…here’s to remembering all the good things I actually did do this month (there’s more than I thought), such as finally watching The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 2 (loved it), a birthday celebration, a New Year’s party, cakes with colleagues, winter walks and a night watching a local pantomime (here’s a tip – amateur pantos are much better than professional ones. Fact.)

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