Get your eat on, Manchster

This August Manchester Arndale is celebrating all of its food vendors and restaurants, big and small, with their “Get your eat on” campaign. They’ve put together a booklet of foodie vouchers and offers (see the image below to see what it will look like), and can be picked up all month from the Arndale centre.

Get your eat on Manchester

And to launch the campaign a group of Manchester bloggers and press people were invited down to Nando’s in Manchester Andale for a feast and to try some of the new menu items that they’ll be offering. I’ve always had a soft spot for Nando’s but have to admit that I’m not particularly adventurous with my choices, so it was nice to try a few different things. I particularly enjoyed their new sweet potato wedges (winner!) and chicken thighs, and was also surprised at how much I liked their avocado salad alongside the chicken. We also all had a go playing wing roulette, where a plateful of chicken wings of all different spices are plated up, and you basically take your chances with which you select! I think I managed to experience both extremes!

Nandos Manchester

Nando’s are just one of the many restaurants involved in the “Get your eat on” campaign, so check out the booklet of vouchers if you fancy getting a good deal when you’re out and about this August.

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