A Change-of-Season Facial That Didn’t Break the Bank

This weekend I enjoyed a change-of-season facial. That’s just the name I’ve given it because facials are a bit of a luxury for me, and if I’m only going to splurge on 1 or 2 a year I try to make sure I book them in for when the seasons are changing. That is, in the changeovers from summer to autumn, and from winter to spring. As skincare experts have previously advised me, these are the times of year when your skin needs the most replenishing after the harshest weather, whether than be the sun of summer or the cold winter (and indoor heating doesn’t help either).

skincare quote

I went for an aromatherapy facial at Skin Health Spa, and it was wonderful and relaxing. But what I really wanted to talk about was that I booked it using a voucher I bought from Amazon Local. For cost-conscious people like me a spa treatment is definitely a luxury, and personally I find the list price of individual treatments at most spas a bit too much to spend – even as a treat! Which is why deal sites like Groupon are so great for this type of thing, and Amazon Local is actually my favourite website of this type now. Maybe it’s because I already have an Amazon account but I found it so easy to use, and it just seems to have a great, relevant selection of products. I’ve already used it for two spa treatment experiences – both at fantastic affordable prices!

And the result… happy skin that’s all ready for autumn.

skin quote

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