A Winter Hair Treat

My hair has been in need of a bit of pampering after all the December party styling, the cold winter weather and indoor heating drying it out, so I’ve been giving it a nourishing treat with this Lee Stafford pre-shampoo Argan Oil treatment that I received in a goody bag a few months ago.

Lee stafford argan oil treatment

Moroccan argan oil is a popular hair treatment these days thanks to its hair repairing and nourishing properties. Lee Strafford’s Argan Oil range is not pure argan oil but it is a key ingredient and the range is designed to put the moisture back into your hair. And I was very pleased to find that Lee Stafford’s products are all cruelty free.

To use the treatment I apply it generously all over my hair when it’s still dry, about 15 minutes before getting in the shower. I then wrap my hair in a warm towel and just leave it to soak in and do its work for 15 minutes before washing and conditioning my hair as usual in the shower. It’s much less oily (and therefore messy) than a pure argan oil, and this whole process is quite easy and fuss-free.

lee stafford argan oil pre shampoo treatment

I haven’t been using it with the Lee Stafford’s argan oil shampoo and conditioner – I just use my regular brands, so I have to say I am very pleased with the result. I think my hair is noticeably smooth and silky, and generally feels healthier now that I’ve been using this product. However, I have to wonder whether a pure argan oil would have even better results. This is a premium hair care product and costs £16.99 from Boots which is not cheap. And actually the results are not unlike the ones I get from using pure raw coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment. So although I do like using this product for a pampering treat, I’m not sure I’ll rebuy it.

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