Trendwatch: Baroque

This winter is looking opulent, with jewels, embellishments and heavy, luxurious fabrics making waves on the runways. Baroque prints and brocade featured at Stella McCartney, Dolce and Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli, and the trend is already available on the high street in several guises. Here are some of the ways to wear this lavish trend, … Continue reading Trendwatch: Baroque

Surviving the sale minefield

I’ve not done much sale shopping this year. I tend to walk into a shop, see the rails of sale items looking completely uncategorized and chaotic and feel immediately stressed at the prospect of rooting through it. I’ve failed miserably in the past, ending up with what I thought was a great bargain but that … Continue reading Surviving the sale minefield

Shopping (and styling) the Fashion Union sale

The summer sales are well underway, and whatever this means about the state of the economy and the high street, for me it is at least a great opportunity for a wardrobe update. Online fashion store Fashion Union is one I’ve browsed before, but never actually made a purchase from. I don’t know about you, … Continue reading Shopping (and styling) the Fashion Union sale

Spring holiday bags

I've just booked two holidays for Spring, and although this means that I'm strapped for cash at the moment (to say the least),  it also means I'm browsing for those holiday "essentials". Although I'll be window shopping until pay day (cannot come soon enough!) I have now found the perfect destination for bags. Alongside the all-important, perfect-for-travel, holds-everything bag, … Continue reading Spring holiday bags

Revamped TK Maxx store: purchases and wish list!

Today I attended the grand opening of the newly transformed TK Maxx store in Bury (Greater Manchester). I’m already big fan of TK Maxx, particularly for branded shoes and quirky homeware, and it’s my go-to place for unusual food items for creating food hampers to give as gifts. So I couldn’t turn down the chance … Continue reading Revamped TK Maxx store: purchases and wish list!

My MANGO wish list

It’s two days until payday and rather than utilise my overdraft/credit card (I’ve really got to stop doing that for buying clothes) I have been “window shopping” online. In my enthusiasm and with the excitement of coming across finds that are still in the sales and also of the new season's stock arriving I have been … Continue reading My MANGO wish list