Lush Christmas: Cranberry Face Mask

As always there has been a lot of excitement about the Lush Christmas range. I generally avoid all of the quirkiest products even though they look so pretty and festive, but when I went in to buy one of their fresh face masks I couldn’t resist choosing their limited edition festive one – Cranberry.

Lush Cranberry festive face mask

This face mask has been designed to cleanse and soften skin, and they’ve included these key ingredients:

  • Cranberries, for their antioxidant properties and cranberry pieces for exfoliation.
  • Silken tofu, with a high protein content and vitamins for moisturising and improving the condition of skin.
  • Argan oil and rose clay to leave the skin matte and soft.
  • Fennel, to cleanse oily or congested skin.
Lush Cranberry festive face mask review
Lush Cranberry Christmas face mask

The face mask is very thick and clay-like (and pink!), with little pieces of exfoliating cranberry in there. It works like all the other fresh Lush facemasks – store in the fridge (which means it’s refreshing and cold when you use it), apply generously all over the face, leave to do its good work for 5-10 minutes and then wash off with warm water.

I have enjoyed using this product, but it is only as good as some of the other Lush face masks I have tried – nothing extra special. It doesn’t look or smell very Christmassy, so it is only down to the cranberry ingredient and the fact that it is around for a limited time that makes it festive. It was also quite tightening on the skin, and I’m not keen on that sensation. I do like trying out new Lush facemasks though, so it was nice to see a different one in the collection. And as always my skin feels like it has had a nice treat after using it.

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