Luminous skin with Illamasqua Radiance Veil

Radiance Veil is the third “veil” (or primer) from my favourite makeup brand Illamasqua. Hydra Veil was about hydration, Matte Veil was about creating a matte base, and now Radiance Veil is there to give skin a dewy glow to dull complexions. It’s made with fine shimmer particles which shine through foundation to create a luminous effect, and as dewy-looking skin is my favourite look I decided to try Radiance Veil as my first Illamasqua primer.

Illamasqua Radiance Veil primer

I initially started using it as an all-over primer (after skincare and before foundation) by applying it with a brush all over the face until fully absorbed. As it is illuminating I found it useful to follow Illamasqua’s advice to focus on the highest points of the face – the forehead, nose and cheekbones. As the product shines through foundation this gives a really nice highlighting effect, and I find that although the product is made with very fine shimmer particles, you end up with a pearly sheen rather than a glittery finish, which I really like.

Illamasqua Radiance Veil

Radiance veil

I’ve also been using it more recently as a highlighter as much as a primer, and have applied it on top of my foundation along my cheek and brow bones for a nice luminous sheen. This is a really great replacement for the Benefit High Beam that I used to love, before I decided to go cruelty free with all my cosmetics. As you can see from the lower skin swatch, it is quite a thick pink-toned cream, but when applied and full absorbed the result is actually a light golden glow (you can just about see this on my hand, in the area above the lower swatch).

Overall I really like this product and I will happily use it as both primer and highlighter. As I only need to use very small amounts to get the desired effect I think this 30ml pot for £32 will last me ages and will be very good value. I’d also consider giving the Hydra Veil a try, at certain times of year when my skin needs extra hydration.

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