Review: “Do Your Gin” Gin Making Kit

Wondering what to buy for a gin fan that isn't just gin? Well how about a Make Your Own Gin kit for a more interesting gin-related gift? I received the "Do Your Gin" kit for a Christmas present and as I have recently been trying it out, I wanted to share my thoughts. The Do … Continue reading Review: “Do Your Gin” Gin Making Kit

How to Embrace the Act of Self Gifting

Self Gifting

Have you noticed it's easier to spend money on someone else than for yourself? I don't mean on necessities like food or clothes. I'm talking about those lovely items you see in gift shops or on Instagram that seem an unnecessary extravagance for yourself, but a great gift idea for a friend or family member. … Continue reading How to Embrace the Act of Self Gifting

Christmas Gift Ideas: Festive Hamper

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas this year? Usually I'm a big fan of gifts that aren't things such as restaurant vouchers, theatre tickets and cookery classes (you may have seen me post about this in the past). But things are a little different this year, and perhaps a more tangible gift would be better appreciated … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas: Festive Hamper

Card Game Review: Jibbergiggle

I love quirky card games. It’s something I’ve written about before in my post 3 Card Games You Didn’t Know You Needed in Your Life. I particularly like ones that are portable enough to carry in my bag and be whipped out in a café with friends, and ones that are simple to learn and … Continue reading Card Game Review: Jibbergiggle

The Confidence Boosting List Everyone Needs to Make

Relatable self care candle

I have been married for two and a half years, and one of the things I believe truly makes us happy and content in our relationship is loving each other for who we truly are, “flaws” and all. Knowing that your partner knows and loves the real you is a feeling that cannot be beaten! … Continue reading The Confidence Boosting List Everyone Needs to Make

5 Positive Thoughts to Inspire Your Day

I was recently gifted a beautiful personalised foil notebook from Old English Co. and I just have to share some of the positive messages from this lovely gift company. Their personalised notebooks couldn’t be prettier, available in blush pink, black, white or grey with gold foil, or black with shiny black foil text (so chic!) … Continue reading 5 Positive Thoughts to Inspire Your Day

Summer Self Care Tips

The summer of 2020 won't be remembered for amazing holidays or memorable nights out, but it could well be remembered as the slow and simple summer of self care. Times are worrying, and there has never been a greater need to look after our own wellbeing. I know I have had to be consciously kinder … Continue reading Summer Self Care Tips

Staycation Guide: How to Enjoy a Secluded UK Break

We enjoy a coastal UK trip at any time of the year, and although overseas travel this summer (and possibly for the whole of this year) is looking unlikely, there may still be the chance to get away for a relaxing break within the UK. Once the UK reaches Step 3 of lockdown easing, overnight … Continue reading Staycation Guide: How to Enjoy a Secluded UK Break

12 Powerful Books to Make You Think

Following on from my list of must-read romances, this list of recommended reads focuses on novels that inspired me to think a little deeper about the world. Every book on this list either made me cry, inspired me to read more about a period in history, made me consider issues affecting people's lives, or made … Continue reading 12 Powerful Books to Make You Think

Our Favourite 2 Player Board Games

If you love a games night but, like me, are locked down with just one other person, you might find yourself unable to play any of your usual favourite games. Some of my favourite card games (shared here), for example, require 3+ players. So during this time Craig and I have been enjoying quite a … Continue reading Our Favourite 2 Player Board Games