Pretty jewels from Fairytales and Hidden Notes

I love finding quirky new places to shop (it keep things interesting), and my latest find is an online jewellery store with cute and pretty pieces and an even cuter, prettier name - Fairytales and Hidden Notes. According to the blurb the collection is inspired by “Daydreaming, a love of pretty things and a childhood … Continue reading Pretty jewels from Fairytales and Hidden Notes

Dreaming in jewels

Cartier have released their short film 'L'Odyssée de Cartier' to celebrate and showcase the history of the brand. It is the most glorious visual feast, and has the feel of a mysterious, adventurous dream full of exotic locations, swirling mist and of course, wonderful glittering jewels. Cartier have created a real sense of wonder in … Continue reading Dreaming in jewels