Girlie Things To Cheer Girls Up

I have to admit I had the January blues quite badly this year. I think it was just the contrast between all the exciting activities over Christmas (and in the run-up) and the absence of anything to look forward to as soon as New Year’s Day arrived.

Anyway, it seems the best way to get through it is to find new things to do and to look forward to. As an example, I have now started adult ballet classes and as these are on a Monday night and I completely love them, I actually look forward to Mondays now! Weird but true.

I have also looked forward to my friend throwing her “vintage fairyland” themed birthday party. In her own words it would consist of: fairylights, teacups, stockings, roses, ponies, bunting, pink cocktails, wings, feathers, unicorns, sailor outfits, wigs, bubbles, cupcakes, underwear-as-outerwear, glitter, face paint, hearts, plastic sunglasses, burlesque, lace, frilly socks….

This was right up my street! And not only did I have a great time putting my outfit together (I went for a vintage pin-up style fairy in a gold and black lace basque and skirt), but the girls-only party itself (which was held over the weekend) seemed to have been designed to make everyone feel much better about themselves. There was a “photo booth” set up with flattering lighting so that everyone would have at least one nice photo of themselves, a “wall of love” where people wrote nice comments about each other on sticky notes and could take home the ones about them, and in general everything was beautiful and girlie. It just shows that girls really do have the power to make other girls feel great about themselves!

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