Creative beauty looks – lip and eye tattoos

I’m not what you’d call experimental with makeup. I’m happy to test and try out all sorts of beauty products, but when it comes to makeup “looks” there is only so far I’ll go (although I do love my bright coral lip). However, I am intrigued by the eye and lip tattoos that are available now. I was already aware of Violent Lips’ range of funky lip tattoos, which you can get in a variety of prints (such as various animal prints and retro hearts, spots and stripes) as well as flags and extreme glitter designs. These aren’t the kind of thing I’d wear on a regular occasion, but for fancy dress party or in a show these would be the ideal thing. Being in costume is the one exception to my non-experimental makeup tendencies, and I usually try to go to town with hair and makeup!

I’ve now come across Nail Rock who have expanded their range of nail wraps to include Eye Rock and Lip Rock – new collections of metallic lip foils and eye tattoos featuring prints, lace motifs and florals.


I love all the designs from Violent Lips and Nail Rock. They’d certainly attract attention and I’m thinking the lace eye tattoos would be ideal for a “Black Swan” themed Halloween costume. I’ve seen Eye Rock on Missguided and ASOS for around £6, and Violent Lips on ASOS for £10 and at Boots for £8.

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