Shopping the spring trends – bargain style!

I’m still working with a tight budget thanks to the decision to book two holidays in one month, but this doesn’t stop me window shopping and even actual shopping when the urge strikes. I usually justify this by telling myself that I need certain items for my holidays, but also, it’s hard to continually resist every trend and item that crops up. The answer is to be picky about the items/trends I simply can’t wait for, and then hunt for bargains!

I’ve done pretty well this weekend. I’ve been obsessed with finding a coral or apricot blazer which would look great with my mint jeans, but they are £50 plus from most places! Then I made this amazing find at Matalan – coral jersey blazer for only £16!

Another wishlist item of mine was a holiday-friendly satchel, preferably in a pastel shade, and again Matalan provided a bargain solution – nude pink sorbet satchel £8!

And then whilst doing my food shopping at Morrisons I came across this Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish in Instyle Coral. Not bad for £2.49, and I’m loving how the colour really pops!

Has anyone else bagged any great bargains lately?

4 thoughts on “Shopping the spring trends – bargain style!

  1. I have had some bargains lately but more on the beauty side but you may like to read about them as you’re trying to save some money – I’ve been told they are some good hints! Like the little jacket too and love the sound of it with the mint pants : )

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