This week’s wish list

My wish list for the weekend is inspired by other lovely bloggers out there. This is proof that reading blogs actually turns out to be expensive, as it tends to make me lust after things! For example, I saw these ombre tights on What Emma Did, and they really caught my attention! You could definately style a great outfit around them (such as the one below…), and although other colours are available, this black-to-fuschia pair is my favourite. Very striking. They’re affordable, but not cheap for tights at around £30 (plus shipping), and my tights generally have an annoying habit of getting plucked or laddered, so I’m not sure whether to invest or not! I still love them though.

Then there are these gorgeous Zara sandals. So simple, so striking, so summery. They are all over the bloggersphere. They’re also pretty reasonable at £29.99! I don’t own a pair yet, but they are burning a hole in my wishlist!

I also love this cute and simple heart ring, which two friends of mine already own (darn it). Is it ok to buy something that everybody already has??

Ombré tights from Etsy, butterfly print playsuit (£48 from Motel), black sandals (£29.99 from Zara), silver heart ring (£35 from Pandora) and neon nail polish – Models Own Bubblegum.

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