Cute quilted cover-ups for spring

I went to Weymouth on the first of my spring holidays last week, and despite the pleasant weather none of my pairs of shorts or summery sandals had chance to make an appearance. Now back in Manchester it is quite clear that I need to stop shopping for cute summery dresses and pastel-coloured shorts and be a bit more realistic about what a Manchester spring wardrobe really looks like!

I’ve actually spent the last few days obsessing over cute cover-ups to replace my winter coat and spring mac, and short quilted jackets have caught my eye. Quilted jackets seem to be everywear and I’m sure they’ll be popular after the summer as well, but as we’re still in spring and have to remain hopeful about the weather, these two pretty printed ones  stood out. They are both from ASOS and in the sale so are a very reasonable price! There are still plenty of sizes left at the moment too, but who knows how long that will last…

ASOS PREMIUM Jacket With Quilting And Floral Print, £35

ASOS Paisley Print Quilted Jacket, £30

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