Light Night: experience and celebrate the city at night

On Saturday evening I visited Bury town centre to experience their second annual Light Night. Apparently Light Night is a national programme of events across the UK, and for the cities and towns that hold one, it is a chance for their communities to “experience and celebrate the city at night”, with shops, venues and attractions staying open and performers, artists and businesses showcasing art, music, games, exhibitions and more in spaces across the centre.

It’s a nice initiative, and was very well supported by both the spectators, of which there were many, and the businesses across the town centre, with shops and venues staying open until 10/11pm. It was definitely nice to see the city full of families enjoying various cultural activities on a Saturday night, when I’m sure it is usually mainly only occupied with people out drinking for the night.

The theme of Bury Light Night on Saturday was the Northern Lights, and light was central to many of the attractions (and the costumes of the whimsical performers)…

The most important shops stayed open….

And we made a brief stop at my favourite travelling cake stall, Lulabelles…

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