Packing Light For a One Night Stay

This week I’m embarking on a teeny tiny mini-break to London. We’re staying just one night and will be taking in two shows (although we do also plan to fit a few other things in). And a bit of ingenious packing is required, as I do not want to be bogged down with heavy or bulky baggage. This just needs a bit of forward thinking and planning.

My first tip is to know your destination. London is a stylish city, but I’ve never seen anyone majorly dressed up doing what we’re doing, and we aren’t planning anything that requires us to be formal, so practical and relaxed style is my main priority as we’ll be exploring on foot. And check the weather as close to the time as possible. If it’s going to be sunny down in London, it will determine the outfit I choose. Likewise, I want to know before I set off whether I need to wrap up warm.

City break outfit

I need outfits that are versatile and I’ll base them around the shoes. I don’t want to pack extra shoes, so this pair needs to work for walking about as well as looking stylish day and night. This goes for the whole outfit, but shoes are the priority. Nobody wants to carry extra shoes round London if they don’t have to (unless they’re shoe shopping of course). I’ll be travelling in one outfit have items to change into on day 2 and also some light PJs packed in my bag.

Chelsea boots
city break fashion

Toiletries and cosmetics – this is where the forward planning comes in handy. I collect miniature toiletries for such occasions, so I rarely have to buy any. Check if your hotel provides any toiletries and a hairdryer first, and then if there is anything extra that you need or want to take, try and get miniatures for convenience, and preferably free ones.
• I got a free sample of cha cha tint with a magazine. I decided to save it for travelling purposes and use a full sized one day-to-day.
• I got a selection of Nivea minis for Christmas, including deodorant and moisturiser – very handy.
• There are loads of mini toothpaste and perfume freebies about if you keep your eyes open.
I had all this stuff saved up for a mini trip just like this one. It is definitely tempting to use all your freebies and samples straight away, but this is a much better use for them.

Miniature toiletries

I could probably fit all this in an oversized handbag, and it’s certainly an option. However, I do quite like being able to drop a bag off into the hotel room on check in, so having a conveniently sized bag is useful (not too bulky but fits a few things in). Tickets and certain essentials will then have pride of place in my nice, light handbag.

Travel bag

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