My Wishlist for May

With holidays on the horizon I’m trying to save rather than spend any spare cash I’ve got. I’m also aiming to spend more wisely, finding bargains where possible as well as focussing on fewer more expensive items as investment pieces if they’re wardrobe staples or timeless classics! As always though, as I browse and window shop, I’ve ended up with a bit of a wishlist…

May wishlist

1. Emotional Brilliance make up from Lush. I tried out some of the colours in the range here, and have wanted them in my makeup collection ever since. The only trouble is deciding which colours!

2. Peaches and Cream leather backpack from Grafea. This cute backpack comes in a range of candy colours. So pretty for spring!

3. Core: Peanut Butter Me Up. I didn’t know this flavour existed! It’s only a matter of time before this is mine!

4. Denim pinafore. Pinafores are starting to pop up everywhere… and this is my favourite.

5. White boots from New Look. Despite the fact that it is now technically spring, I still haven’t had enough ankle boots action! At the moment I’ve got a thing for white boots (for some reason the fact that they’re white makes them seem more summery), and this is my favourite pair.

6. Candy by Prada: Cute packaging + pretty fragrance + not animal tested = all good.

7. Diamond print trousers from Dorothy Perkins. I love the shape and the print of these printed “joggers”. I’m convinced that they would be amazing for work.

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