Washi Tape Upcycling Inspiration

Oh washi tape – where have you been all my life? That’s right – I’ve only just embraced the power of washi tape to transform an object into something pretty in an instant.

So far my makeover and upcycling experiments have mainly transformed jam jars into attractive storage jars, candle holders and vases, added a bit of life to a fairly boring bathroom storage rack and added pretty trim to my standard looking desk. However the possibilities are endless (I can hear Pinterest calling) and I know there’s much more to come!

Washi tape jam jar

Washi tape jar storage

Jam jar candle holder

Jam jar vase

Washi tape furniture trim

Floral washi tape

Plain rack

Washi tape trim

Washi tape bathroom rack

Do any of you have any great washi tape ideas?

2 thoughts on “Washi Tape Upcycling Inspiration

  1. Seriously – why have I never bothered with Washi tape before? I need it in my life – you’ve given me loads of inspiration here!

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