La Senza and My New Well-Fitting Party Bra

This week I was lucky enough to be invited down to La Senza for their “Hello Sugar” launch, which in a nutshell consisted of drinks, sweet treats, lingerie themed nail art by WAH nails and a full bra fitting experience which resulted in me walking away with one perfectly fitting and super-pretty new bra set.

La senza so free
La senza party

The first thing to say is that La Senza is all about fit and comfort but without compromising on style – their bras are all still sexy and pretty. They have several ranges in store, which each provide a different function or “push up level”, ranging from the “So Free” lightly padded collection all the way up to their newly launched boob job in a bra – “Hello Sugar”. And within each of these collections a large choice of styles, colours, shapes and strap arrangements.

La senza beyond sexy
La senza bodykiss

I was actually very impressed with the selection in store. Neon brights, bold prints and diamantes are not currently my thing when it comes to lingerie, but I was pleasantly surprised to find so much choice in styles that I really did like. My own favourites all seemed to be dark grey with shimmering lace details, and even with these narrow criteria there were plenty of options. I also loved how versatile the styles are, with many having the option to create racer backs or halter necks with the straps, and also providing a choice of front or back fastenings. Plus the store is full of deals such as buy 1 bra get 1 half price, which makes it so affordable.

Favourite la senza bra
la senze christmas
Christmas lingerie

But I was most impressed with my fitting experience. La Senza are certified fitters and can provide a fast fit over your clothing on the shop floor or a full bra fitting wardrobe experience. And I really felt like the service I received was excellent. It turns out I’m a slightly different size than I thought I was – I’d been too generous with my back size and too stingy with my cup size. Armed with the knowledge of the “five point fit test” I’m now looking at some of my existing bras and seeing how they aren’t a particularly great fit. And armed with my new bra size I hand I tried on loads of styles (in the grey shimmery lace domain) and picked out a lovely set from the Body Kiss range – which is super pretty and versatile, and also really comfortable with its cushioned underwire. It’s going to be perfect with whichever Christmas party dress I end up choosing this year!

La senza pewter bra
La Senza bodykiss bra

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