Tried and Tested: Lush FUN

I really love Lush. I love them for their cruelty-free ethics and some fab products such as the fresh face masks, the pigmented make-up, the cleansers etc. But I’ve never really been keen on all the novelty products – the heavily perfumed novelty bath bombs and the themed gift-wrapped boxes for example. Actually, anything that seems more about “style” than “substance” (in the words of Paul Hollywood). And I would include FUN in that list too.

I’d never tried FUN though, so when I received a sample in a goodie bag I thought it would be rude not to have a go.

Lush FUN

The main thing to say about FUN is that it is a 4-in-1 product. It can be used as a body wash, a shampoo, a bath foam/melt and also as a modelling dough to play with in the bath. It’s currently available in 6 vibrant colours including this festive metallic gold.

LUSH christmas FUN

When I used it as a shampoo and a body wash I found that it doesn’t foam all that well. And although my hair was clean after washing it with FUN, I’m not convinced that it has any fantastic hair-related properties that would encourage me to use it as a regular shampoo. I also crumbled it under running water into the bath, but it melted rather than foamed.

As a modelling dough it’s quite clumsy to manipulate, but I’m being a bit picky there – it’s for kids not sculptors after all! And if you had a few colours and a decent amount there’s loads of fun that could be had. I can imagine it would go down really well as something for kids to play with at bath-time and because it’s a Lush product it comes with the added benefit of being free of chemicals and all that stuff.

Gold FUN Lush
Lush Gold FUN

FUN is definitely mostly about the “playtime” aspect rather than any of the other functions where it doesn’t perform all that well so I don’t think I’ll be buying any for myself. I liked the gold lustre it had though- look at the festive star I made! And as I don’t really think I’m the target market for this product I wouldn’t let that put you off giving it a go. I’m sure kids will love it!

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