Well Hello 2014…I’m Pleased To See You!

There were plenty of things I enjoyed in 2013, but I think there were also a greater-than-usual number of sad/bad moments too, so I can’t say I’m sorry that the unlucky ’13 year is over. I was more than happy to welcome in the New Year, and I did so with my family by hosting a buffet and games night at my apartment.

Jam jar g&t

Jam jar G&T

Chalk board cheese board

What’s Christmas without a cheese board?

jam jar cocktail

Jam jar gin cocktail

Italian board



Homemade pavlova – mini versions of the dessert I made here

Plenty of people are writing New Year’s Resolutions posts, but I don’t really have any resolutions as such. This will be the year that I turn 30, and I just have some general thoughts to try and remember, which will hopefully mean that the coming year will be a healthy and happy one!

  • Enjoy the small things – it makes life much better and will help me deal with the bigger issues
  • Make time for the people in my life
  • Be creative – this always makes me happy
  • Try new things; see new places; meet new people – to keep life interesting
  • Improve my fitness – I suppose this is a resolution, but it’s something to remember as I find exercise so boring!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014!

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