Happy Sunday!

I’ve had a lovely relaxing Sunday today. We started it off by having breakfast in bed, and whilst Craig caught up with the news I caught up with my blog reading. I never ever set aside a bit of quiet time just to read blog posts, and I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed it! To be honest, I don’t think I spend enough time just relaxing and doing things at a slow pace, so I will definitely be trying to do more of this in future.

Jumbles country park

And then after a morning of reading (my current book as well as blogs) we decided to drive out somewhere for a country walk. Where we live is pretty urban, so we need to drive to get to real countryside – this is Jumbles Country Park and reservoir in Bolton. The weather was chilly but bright and sunny, and when we got there the sun was low in the sky. The sky and it’s reflection in the water was beautiful, and it was a nice relaxing walk that blew the cobwebs away.

Jumbles reservoir

Greater manchester walking spots

There’s probably lots of great walking spots in and around Manchester, and I want to check out some more of them. If anyone has any recommendations, they’d be much appreciated!

Other happy news from the weekend is that Disneyland Paris is now booked! It’s happening and I’m already excited!

Manchester country walks

Happy Sunday thoughts!

One thought on “Happy Sunday!

  1. Well to be honest I’d not heard of Jumbles country park but having read the post and seen your pics I’ll need to visit. You’re certainly right that we don’t relax enough.

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