Happy Thoughts for February

Another month is nearly over, and after feeling a little blue yesterday evening (for no apparent reason) I decided it would be good for the soul to do some positive thinking.

Bramble cocktail
richmond tearooms manchester
  • This weekend I enjoyed a night out with friends, which involved getting dressed up and devouring cakes and cocktails. Nights out like this are too rare for me these days, so it was great fun!
  • And, as with all good nights out, this was followed by a lovely lazy Sunday with pancakes, burgers, cups of soothing tea, chocolate and Netflix.
  • There may still be a few days to go, but I’ve already begun planning how I’ll spend my wage. That’s right, the wish list is on the go! So far the most significant items are a pair of New Balance trainers and silver shiny converse  – both because I need some comfy shoes that still feel pretty cool (ha), and maybe, if I’m good, a retro kitchen mixer to help with baking treats!
  • I have a fancy complex camera on loan from my dad, so at my own pace will be doing a little experimentation to see what I can learn from/about a camera like that! I’m hoping that I’ll get a lot out of it.
  • This month I’ve been trying out some new recipes to get out of a food rut, and so far it’s been good! I’ve discovered some dishes that I’ll be making again, and I’ll keep going to find even more.
  • I’ve also made a serious start on project Spring Clean, and so it shall continue. Cleaning and organising is definitely good for the soul!
  • Plans plans plans – from fun daytrips to summer holidays, plans for Disneyland in May and perhaps maybe even more exciting plans on the horizon – fabulous plans really do cheer me up!

One thought on “Happy Thoughts for February

  1. (Sorry if I just wrote half a response and it didn’t come through properly.)
    I also have spent the past few days getting excited with my plans and making my day-to-day a bit more fun. I suggest going easy on the cleaning though! Sunny

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