Real Techniques Makeup Brushes

I recently decided I was in dire need of a decent quality foundation brush – a well-overdue realisation! And in the cruelty-free spirit I did a bit of research into vegan-friendly brushes and discovered Real Techniques. This is a range of makeup brushes created by UK professional makeup artist Samantha Chapman, and as the bristles are synthetic they are 100% cruelty free! There are loads of brushes in the range, but I went for this “Travel Essentials” set for £16.45 which I felt contained the key brushes I was missing.

Cruelty free makeup brushes

The first thing to say about the whole range is that the brushes look lovely. The aluminium handles have a 3 colour system to make it easier to identify each brush – gold is for base brushes, lilac for eyes and pink for finish brushes. And yes of course this is very practical, but even better news is that it makes the brushes look pretty and expensive! The brushes themselves are all very thick, soft and fluffy and feel like great quality too.

Real Techniques brushes

Essential foundation brush

This brush is for liquid foundations, and I use it with my BB cream. Unlike my previous brush (now in the bin!) I achieved a really nice finish with this due to the softness of the bristles.

Real Techniques foundation brush

Domed shadow brush

This is now the bushiest eye shadow brush in my collection, and is great for smoothly applying base shadow across the eye. You definitely need more than this one in your wider collection though, as it’s far too thick for detailing.

Real Techniques shadow brush

Multi-task brush

This one is for powder, blusher or bronzer to finish your look (hence the pink handle). And again it was thick, bushy and light, so gave a really great finish.

Real Techniques finish brush

I’m loving the quality of these brushes and am definitely noticing the difference when using them – a great investment! I’ll also be coming back for more Real Techniques brushes when I decide to replace some of my others or simply add to my collection.

Real Techniques travel essentials

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