Disneyland Nostalgia

Q: When is an embarrassing childhood photo not an embarrassing childhood photo…

A: When it’s in Disneyland!

It’s only a matter of weeks until I’m off to Disneyland Paris, and I’m so blummin excited! Especially when I look through photos from past Disneyland holidays. As well as these ones from Disney 2012 I’ve also been looking at some from my early teens and I thought I’d share a couple because even though they’re pretty embarrassing, they capture the essence of Disneyland holidays!

Disneyland Paris castle 5th anniversary

Taken at the 5th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris – 17 years ago!!

alice disneyland

Wishing I was Alice

Cinderella Disneyland

Always a dream to meet a Disney Princess!

Buzz lightyear disneyland

It’s Buzz!

queen of hearts disneyland

I don’t discriminate – even Disney baddies are good for an autograph

sisters at disney

Disney sister pics!

disney teddies

I’ve always been a fan of Disney merch!

I’m counting the days!

One thought on “Disneyland Nostalgia

  1. Ooh, have a fab time. I love the vintage photos, I cringe at my childhood photos and would never be brave enough to put them into the public domain.

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