Summer Perfume Shopping: Zara White EDT

I’ve never been someone who buys or owns a lot of perfume and usually just have a couple of bottles on the go which last me ages. Recently though I found myself without a daytime summer scent, so when I was shopping in Barcelona and saw the fragrance collection in Zara I decided to buy one.

Zara perfumes are a complete bargain – this small handbag-sized bottle (50ml) was just 6 Euros, which is great for an everyday perfume.

zara perfume

The scent I chose was Zara White EDT, and I was initially attracted by the chic white embossed box (I’m a sucker for pretty packaging). The scent itself is very light, modern and floral, and the ideal thing for daytime use through the summer months. But I would say that although the scent is pretty it doesn’t really last very long, so it’s a good thing that the bottle is a good shape and size for carrying around for top-ups. I do think you get what you pay for though, and you can’t really argue with the price on this one.

I do like this perfume and will definitely consider trying some other Zara perfumes too. You can’t buy them on the UK website (although they’re on their Spanish site), but they are available in at least some of the UK stores.

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